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At Sally Tea Cups, we are passionate about all things tea. Our website, at, is a haven for tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Whether you’re a seasoned tea drinker or just beginning to explore the world of tea, we are here to accompany you on your tea journey.

Sally Tea Cups is the brainchild of Sally herself, our dedicated and knowledgeable Editor in Chief. Sally has spent years exploring the fascinating world of tea, from its rich history to its diverse flavors and health benefits. With her expertise and love for tea, Sally aims to share her passion with tea lovers worldwide through this platform.

Together, we strive to provide you with valuable and engaging content that will enhance your tea experience. Our team’s diverse backgrounds and expertise allow us to explore different facets of the tea world and present you with a comprehensive range of articles.

So grab your favorite tea cup, sit back, and embark on a journey of tea exploration with us at Sally Tea Cups. We are dedicated to providing you with a delightful and educational tea experience that will leave you craving for more.

Cheers, The Sally Tea Cups Team

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced writers who are equally passionate about tea. In addition to Sally and Harper, we are thrilled to introduce Mia, another talented writer who brings her unique perspective and insights to our articles. Mia’s deep appreciation for tea culture and her expertise in tea ceremonies make her an invaluable member of our team.

What can you expect from Sally Tea Cups? We offer a wide range of articles covering various aspects of tea culture, including:

  1. Tea Guides and Reviews: Explore our comprehensive guides and reviews to discover different tea varieties, brewing techniques, and the best tea products on the market. Whether you’re interested in green tea, black tea, herbal infusions, or rare specialty teas, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Health and Wellness: Learn about the numerous health benefits of tea, from boosting your immune system to promoting relaxation and mental well-being. We delve into the scientific research behind tea’s health properties and offer practical advice on incorporating tea into a balanced lifestyle.
  3. Tea Traditions and Rituals: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural traditions surrounding tea. From the elegant Japanese tea ceremony to the vibrant afternoon tea customs of the British, we explore the fascinating rituals that have shaped tea culture throughout history.
  4. Recipes and Pairings: Discover delightful tea-infused recipes, from classic scones to innovative tea cocktails. We also provide suggestions on pairing teas with various foods to create harmonious flavor combinations.
  5. Tea Industry News: Stay up to date with the latest trends, innovations, and events in the tea industry. We share news and insights on tea auctions, sustainability practices, and emerging tea brands that are making waves.

At Sally Tea Cups, we value your input and encourage you to actively participate in our community. Feel free to leave comments, share your own tea experiences, and engage with fellow tea enthusiasts through our interactive platform.

Sally – Editor in Chief

Sally is a seasoned tea expert and the Editor in Chief of Sally Tea Cups. With a deep passion for tea, Sally has spent years immersing herself in the world of tea, exploring its history, flavors, and health benefits.

Her expertise and knowledge make her a trusted authority in the tea community. Sally aims to share her love for tea through Sally Tea Cups and provide valuable insights to tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Harper – Writer

Harper is an accomplished writer and an essential member of the Sally Tea Cups team. With a keen interest in exploring the world of tea, Harper’s articles offer a blend of informative content and creative flair.

Her ability to articulate complex tea concepts engagingly makes her writing both accessible and enjoyable for readers. Harper’s contributions contribute to our website’s diverse range of tea-related topics.

Mia – Writer

Mia is a talented writer and tea enthusiast who brings a unique perspective to Sally Tea Cups. With her profound appreciation for tea culture and her expertise in tea ceremonies, Mia adds a touch of elegance to our articles.

Her in-depth understanding of different tea traditions and rituals allows her to provide readers with captivating insights into the rich heritage of tea.

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